Materials: A set of “chits” for each of four different teams printed on a different color heavy paper for each, that’s first been laminated and then cut to size, consisting of the following designations in the following (amounts):

  • GENERAL 10 (two)
  • COLONEL 9 (three)
  • MAJOR 8 (four)
  • CAPTAIN 7 (six)
  • LIEUTENANT 6 (ten)
  • SERGEANT 5 (fifteen)
  • CORPORAL 4 (twenty-five)
  • PRIVATE 3 (forty)
  • SPY 2 (five) [“captures” any Officer]
  • ENGINEER 1 (ten) [“captures” BOMB]
  • BOMB (five), [“captures” everyone except ENGINEER]
  • four different-colored team tokens consisting of colored flags or a laminated sheet of colored paper
  • an administrator for each team
  • a game leader
  • loud whistle
  • large playing area consisting of an open field or woods
    Object of the Game: Each team tries to capture the tokens from opposing teams while gaining points for their team by “capturing” other players.
    Method: Stratego can be played with two to four teams. Each administrator is provided with a bag of their team’s chits, the team’s token, and a set of rules, The administrators are positioned in different corners of the playing area. Depending on the playing area, these corners may be out of sight from each other. The troop is divided into equal-sized teams and when selected for a team, each Scout reports to their administrator. The Game Leader is positioned in the middle of the playing area. When he blows the whistle, each team is given five minutes to hide their token which has to remain within 20 feet of the administrator. When the token is in position, each Scout reaches into the bag and pulls out their first chit, the color of which identifies him as a member of his team. Any spare time can be used to come up with a strategy for finding the other administrative areas and the tokens of opposing teams. When the whistle blows again, the game begins.
    Rules of Capture: A “capture” begins when one player TAGS another. Tackling is not allowed! When a Scout tags a player from another team, both players show each other their chits. If a Scout is “captured,” he has to give up his chit. The higher number “captures” the lower number exec[t for the following: Any player except an Officer can “capture” the SPY. (Officers are General, Colonel, Major, Captain, and Lieutenant.) The SPY “captures” any Officer. The BOMB “captures” anyone except the ENGINEER. The ENGINEER “captures” the BOMB. When a Scout is “captured,” he must give his chit to the other player. He does not give up any chits he has “captured.” After giving up his chit, the captured Scout returns to his administrator for another chit. He is NOT allowed to try to find another team’s token while he does not have his own team’s chit. Scouts try hard not to let anyone from another team know where their administrative area is and sneak back accordingly. The “captured” Scout is OUT OF PLAY until he has another chit in hand. This means he cannot chase other players while he does not have a chit, although he can allow them to waste time by chasing him. When a Scout returns to his administrator, he turns in any “captured” chits, gets a new chit and goes out again. If an administrator runs out of chits, the Scout is required to sit quietly in the administrative area until the game is over.
    Token Rules: If a Scout finds another team’s token, he takes it to the Game Leader immediately. He must have his own team’s chit to be eligible to “capture” the token. The token must be carried in plain sight in the Scout’s hands. If a player is “captured” while holding the token, the token must be given up with the chit. If a Scout “recaptures” his own token, he needs to return it to the administrative area immediately, carrying it in plain sight as he does so. If as Scout “captures” someone who is carrying a token, he is allowed to take it to the Game Leader immediately. The Game Leader will blow the whistle two times (two long blasts) to signal the end of the game. When this happens, all players and administrators return to the center area immediately.The Game Leader will end the game if: Scouts are not playing by the rules, one of the Team Tokens is turned in, or the game’s time limit is reached. When Scouts are all at the center area, they are required to turn over the any “captured” chits they still have, along with your own chit.
    Scoring: All the “captured” chits are counted up to arrive at each team’s total score for the game. Once counted, all the chits will be turned back to their teams. Once the scores are figured out, another game can be played if time allows. Each “captured” chit = 1 point. Being the first to turn in a Token from another team = 25 points.