Leader’s Minutes

Leaders Minutes

The presentation of a good Scoutmaster’s Minute (Leader’s Minute) can contribute nicely to a troop meeting’s success. Occurring right before the closing, what’s communicated are thoughts the Scouts can take home with them. In a Scout-run troop, the Scoutmaster’s Minute is the only occasion when the Scoutmaster is right up front and addresses the whole troop. Therefore, it’s an ideal opportunity to convey a special message of inspiration. Many of the Scoutmaster’s Minutes listed in this section are parables—short stories about everyday people and occurrences that illustrate a moral attitude and positive thinking.


  • Well-rehearsed
  • Personalized and delivered with good eye contact and expression
  • To the point, presenting a single, clear lesson
  • Well-paced, not overly-long and drawn out
  • Drawn upon events or circumstances that Scout-age boys can relate to
  • Applicable for all of us (using “we” instead of “you” while addressing the Scouts)

and contain these four key elements which should come through in the presentation:

  1. Relevance – is the topic important to the Scouts?
  2. Sincerity – does the speaker truly believe what they are saying?
  3. Credibility – does the speaker exemplify what they are saying?
  4. Passion – how important is the topic to the speaker?

ScoutCast: The Scoutmaster’s Minute

The many examples listed in this section can be adapted and used as a point of reference to inspire Scouts, open their eyes, and/or get them thinking. At the same time, the best Scoutmaster’s minutes are those drawn from real life experiences that can be delivered in a way that is genuine and natural. Worthwhile stories and accounts with a positive message can be shared most effectively when they have a personal connection and appeal to the presenter.