Planning Activities

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.32.16 PMFillable Troop Meeting Planning Form PDF

As part of their regular troop meeting planning process, the troop’s planning team should prepare meaningful challenges and enjoyable games that will favorably engage the members of the troop.  Whether it’s a Scout Skill ChallengeTeam Building Opportunity, or a Patrol or Troop Game, whenever possible and appropriate, the chosen activity should be featured as part of the troop meeting’s agenda.

Before an activity can be presented, some fundamental conditions must be addressed:

  • PREPARATION – Are all the required materials laid out and the playing area set up?
  • AVAILABLE SPACE – Is there a large enough open area to carry out the challenge or game?
  • READINESS – Do the Scouts have the necessary skills to complete the challenge successfully?
  • TIME – Is there enough time to finish the activity?
  • DELIVERY – Do the Scouts understand the activity’s rules and objectives?
  • PRESENTATION – Are the junior leaders conducting the activity primed and ready to deliver a successful presentation so that everything goes smoothly?

When these conditions are met, not only will the Scouts benefit more from the experience, but they’ll have a whole lot more fun, too.