Planning Leader’s Minutes

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.32.16 PMFillable Troop Meeting Planning Form PDF

The rule of thumb is: never go in cold. A well-planned Scoutmaster’s minute pays off. Scouts definitely respond more favorably to a smooth presentation that is delivered in a familiar, comfortable manner. Though a general Scoutmaster’s minute is always appropriate, selecting one that reflects something that’s relevant to the troop’s present circumstances might be even more effective. For example, if there’s an instance where the feelings of Scouts are being hurt because of insulting remarks, a Scoutmaster’s minute illustrating how what we say can have an unintended impact on others, might be well called for.

When another leader will be presenting the Scoutmaster’s minute, make sure the opportunity isn’t sprung on that leader without giving him time for sufficient preparation.