Pioneering Anchors

In Scout Pioneering, proper anchoring is vital to safety and stability. Further Information

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ANCHOR RACE  (wide, out)
Materials:  for each of two bridge building crews, one anchor mallet, six pioneering stakes 24 to 30 inches x 2-1/2 inches, about 50 feet of binder twine, two sticks about 12 inches long
Method:  Each crew positions themselves a measured 40 feet from the other, so that the anchors will be constructed facing one another positioned in line with the proposed span of the bridge. On signal, they begin taking turns carefully and methodically driving in the first set of stakes, side by side, right next to each other, at 20° angles on the 40-foot mark. After the first set of three stakes are driven in deep enough so they can’t be budged, the second set is driven in two feet behind the first. When these are carefully driven in so they can’t budge, the last stake is driven in a foot behind the second set. (If there will be a rope grommet, it is now placed over the first set of stakes.) When all stakes are carefully driven in, each set is connected by applying six wraps of binder twine around them, near the top of the first set and the bottom of the second set, and then near the top of the second set and near the bottom of the last stake. Finally a tourniquet is applied between each set by winding the wraps of binder twine tight with a stick. When tight enough, the stick is driven into the ground to keep the tourniquet in place.
Scoring:  The first crew finished wins, but more significantly, the anchors for the bridge are now completed.