What are Ceremonies and Why Are They Used?


During a Scout meeting, court of honor, campfire program, or special gathering, a well-presented ceremony will add meaning and enhance the experience.

Ceremonies serve Scouting in a variety of ways. A simple or elaborate ceremony can:

  • communicate something significant is taking place!
  • accentuate an event or accomplishment!
  • entertain!
  • provide inspiration!

We all feel uplifted when we experience an impressive ceremony.  Through the years, creative ceremonies have perpetuated Scouting’s unique fascination, attraction, and timeless mystique. There’s a marked difference between, on one hand, saluting the American flag while repeating the Pledge of Allegiance in the same way for each meeting, and, on the other hand, adding a new dimension by impressively bringing out the colors in a well-rehearsed fashion followed by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in conjunction with an informative narration describing its meaning.

On this website there are a variety of ceremony ideas that can be adapted and applied for use during Scouting events that will elevate the occasion and provide positive outcomes.

Refer to Troop Leader Guidebook – Volume I, Chapter 11