Categorized Activities Index

“wide” = large indoor or outdoor setting for those activities requiring a greater amount of space
“small” = small area for those activities that do not require as much space, or can be carried out in close quarters, or with a smaller number of Scouts
“in” = indoor activity
“out” = outdoor activity


Blindfolded Compass Walk  (wide, in or out)
Compass Challenge Activity (wide, out)
Compass Facing  (small, in or out)
Compass Points  (wide, in or out)
Direction Facing  (wide, in or out)
Flying Blind Relay  (wide, in or out)
Three-Leg Compass Walk (wide, out)

Bandage Relay  (small, in or out)
First Aid Baseball  (small, in or out)
First Aid Carry Relay (wide, in or out)
First Aid Scenarios  (small, in or out)
Ice Accident  (wide, in or out)
Kim’s Game: First Aid  (small, in or out)
Stretcher Relay (wide, in or out)

Bow Saw Relay  (small, in or out)
Dining Fly Race  (wide, out)
Flint and Steel  (small, out)
Fuzz Stick Relay  (small, in or out)
Lifeline Relay  (wide, in or out)
Sloppy Camp  (small, out)
Split the Match Relay  (small, in or out)
String Burning Race  (wide, out)
Supreme A-Frame Tarp Pitch  (wide, out)
Supreme String Burning Race  (wide, out)
Tent Mess Relay  (wide, in or out)
Tent Pitching Race  (wide, out)
Tent Striking Race  (wide, out)
Trail Signs Relay  (small, in)
Water Boiling Race  (wide, out)
Wood Splitting Relay  (small, in or out)

50-Foot Rescue Relay  (wide, in or out)
Bowline Draw  (small, in or out)
Bowline Sheet Bend Draw  (small, in or out)
Cannibal Rescue  (wide, in or out)
Eight Knot Contest (wide, in or out)
Horizontal Half Hitching Race (small, in or out)
Hot Isotope Transport  (wide, out)
Knot Hoop Relay  (small, in or out)
Knot Master Tug of War (wide, in or out)
Knot Trail (Knot Kim’s Game)  (small, in or out)
Knot-Tying Relay (wide, in or out)
Lassoing the Steer (wide, in or out)
Log Hauling  (wide, out)
One-Handed Knot Tying  (small, in or out)
Pony Express Race (wide, in or out)
Remote Clove Hitch  (wide, out)
Rescue Relay  (small, in or out)
Rope Tackle Tug of War  (large, in or out)
Rope-Toss-Log-Lift Challenge (Log-Lift Relay)(wide, in or out)
Simple Square Knot Relay Race  (small, in or out)
Square Knot Visual Challenge  (small, in or out)
Taut Line Hitch Race I  (large, out)
Taut Line Hitch Race III  (large, in)
Two Person Square Knot  (small, in or out)

A-Frame Transport Race  (wide, in or out)
Catch the Snapper  (small, in or out)
Crossing the Alligator Pit  (wide, in or out)
Everyone on the Tripod  (wide, in or out)
Flagpole Race  (wide, out)
Get’Im Up  (small, in or out)
Joining Staves  (wide, in or out)
Ladder Building  (wide, in or out)
Lift Seat Procession  (wide, in or out)
Reactor Transporter  (wide, in or out)
Roman Chariot Race  (wide, in or out)
Scout Stave Launcher  (wide, in or out)
Self Standing Flagpole  (small, in or out)
Snake Race  (wide, in or out)


All Aboard  (small, in or out)
Amoeba Walk  (wide, in or out)
Atomic Pile  (small, out)
Blind Square  (wide, in or out)
Blind Tent Pitch  (wide, out)
Blind Train  (wide, in or out)
Coal Mine Maze  (wide, in or out)
Handicap Obstacle Course  (wide, in or out)
Helium Stick  (small, in or out)
Hi-Lo  (small, in or out)
Hot Isotope Transport  (wide, out)
Island Hopping  (wide, in or out)
Lizzie Gator  (wide, out)
Moon Ball  (wide, in or out)
Night Crossing  (wide, in or out)
Nitro Transport  (wide, out)
Sky High  (small, in)
Zulu Toss  (small, in or out)


Balloon Bounce  (wide, in or out)
Bucket Brigade  (wide, out)
Christmas Card Game (wide, in)
Fire Bucket Relay  (wide, out)
Hit the Can  (wide, in or out)
Hula Hoop Horseshoes  (wide, in or out)
Hunt the Candy (wide, in)
Log Rolling Relay  (wide, out)
Nitro Transport  (wide, out)
Obstacle Race  (wide, in or out)
Pocket Rope Competition  (wide, in or out)
Shoe Hunt  (wide, in or out)
Spies in the Woods  (wide, out)
Standing Jump Relay  (wide, in or out)
Tire Roll Relay  (wide, in or out)
Wheelbarrow Relay  (wide, in or out)

Blindfold Battery Exchange (small, in)
Blindfolded Discoveries  (small, in)
Blow Ball  (small, in)
Can It!  (small, in or out)
Four Square  (small, in or out)
Hunker Down  (small, in or out)
Hunter, Gun, or Rabbit  (small, in or out)
Identifying Sounds  (small, in)
Kim’s Game  (small, in or out)
Kim’s Game Up and Down  (small, in or out)
Life’s Little Lists  (small, in)
Map Symbol Kim’s Game  (small, in)
Nail Driving Relay  (small, in or out)
Name That Fish  (small, in)
Over-Under Relay  (small, in or out)
Pass the Can  (small, in or out)
Sky High  (small, in)
Stepping Stones  (small, in or out)
Trail Signs  (small, in)
Wall Street  (small, in)
What Happened?  (small, out)


Antelope Race  (wide, in or out)
Blindfolded Soccer  (wide, out)
Blindfolded Steal the Bacon (wide, in or out)
Capture the Flag  (wide, in or out)
Catch Ten  (wide, in or out)
Crack the DEW Line  (wide, in or out)
Crowded Circle  (wide, in or out)
Crows and Cranes  (wide, in or out)
Deer Stalking  (wide, out)
Flying Disc Soccer  (wide, out)
Jump the Shot  (wide, in or out)
Paper-Wad Tennis  (wide, in or out)
Ring Ball  (wide, in or out)
Shoot the Gap  (wide, in or out)
Silent Signals  (small, in or out)
Skedaddle  (wide, in or out)
Stand By Sixes  (wide, in or out)
Standing Staves  (small, in or out)
Stratego (wide, out)
Steal the Bacon  (wide, in or out)
Troopolo  (wide, out)
True or False Steal the Bacon  (wide, in or out)
Tug of War  (wide, in or out)
Tug of War Steal the Bacon  (wide, in or out)
Where’s the Whistle?  (wide, in or out)

Blindman’s Bluff  (small, in or out)
Buzz, Bing, Bang  (small, in or out)
Captain on Deck  (small, in or out)
Hawaiian Handclap Circle  (small, in)
Hawaiian Handclap Line  (small, in)
Hot or Cold  (small, in)
Name That Merit Badge  (small, in)
O’Grady  (small, in or out)
Prisoner’s Escape  (small, in or out)
Subway  (small, in)
Thimble Finding  (small, in)
Time Bomb  (small, in or out)

Find Your Pace  (wide, out)
Four Square  (small, in or out)
Guess that Height  (wide, out)
Guess that Width  (wide, out)
Hit the Bucket  (wide, in or out)
Hitching Challenge (Race)  (small, in or out)
Hula Hoop Horseshoes  (wide, in or out)
Hunker Down  (small, in or out)
Moon Ball   (wide, in or out)
Name That Merit Badge  (small, in)
Name That Plant  (small, in or out)
Prisoner’s Escape  (small, in or out)
Puzzling  (small, in)
Ring Ball  (wide, in or out)
Rope Toss  (wide, in or out)
Signaling  (wide, in or out)
Square Lashing Challenge (Race)  (small, in or out)
Three-Leg Compass Walk (wide, out)